Book Week is coming …

2016 Book Week Logo

Children’s Book Week is almost here … August 22nd – 26th

Book Week is coming, and the theme for this year is Australia: Story Country.  What a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate this wonderful country and our stories.

We are currently planning some fun activities to happen at school – and we thought families might like to embrace the theme at home – so watch this space for ideas.

#1  Gather your stories …

The art of Storytelling has been around since humans first gathered around a campfire.  Stories can teach us a lesson, make us think about the world in a different way, or just entertain us.

Encourage your children to gather stories …

  • Talk to family members and neighbours and discover their stories.
  • Ask older family and friends to share stories about their lives.
  • Tell a story from your life … growing up in … when I went to …
  • Does your family have any legendary ‘tall tales’ (you know … the ones that cause the rest of the family to roll their eyes!)?  If so, let your children in on the fun.
  • Get out your family photo albums and talk through them.
  • Share stories of their early childhood.
  • The children could use a recording or book-creating app to record the stories they want to keep.
  • You could gather your family’s stories together and make them into a book to share as a Christmas gift.

Enjoy sharing your stories … and feel free to share them with us in the Library – we love to hear a ‘good yarn’ too.

More information regarding our Book Week celebrations will be revealed over the next few weeks.

Mrs H xo

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